Hi 👋 I’m Tiffany, owner, farmer and photographer here at Earth & Seeds flower farm in Reno, Nevada. After 17 years as a professional photojournalist, Earth & Seeds™ was born out of pandemic in 2020 following a decade-long, passionate escalation of permaculture-based urban gardening.

In addition to a deep love of spending (a lot of) time nurturing plants, my fire inside was to cultivate locally grown flowers safe from toxic chemicals with a lower environmental cost and zero human rights issues associated with imported flowers.

Growing in the Sierra and inspired by the seasons, Earth & Seeds was sown into a small, woman-owned local business and boutique regenerative flower farm.

It’s now year three, growing one day at a time with my husband and two elementary-aged sons, a Russian tortise named ‘Love Love,’ and three new chickens.

Thanks for being here and sharing the journey. XO - Tiffany

📷 by @lorawagenerco