Botanically Dyed Silk Scarf, Scabiosa



Scrumptious silk scarves are dyed with our locally grown scabiosa blooms from Summer 2023, resulting in luxurious shades of deep greens from the natural pigments in the flowers.

Special for this holiday season, we collaborated with Reno-local botanical dye artist, Lana Mahalah Hall to create this limited edition scarf collection for you and your loved ones.

Wear these beauties as a neck scarf, as a headband or in a ponytail, around your wrist, or even wrap a special gift, Furoshiki style.

Each scarf is unique, bundle dyed by hand. Two options are available, a continuous flower pattern, or an open center that creates a lighter tone overall.

In these pictures, Flower Farmer Tiffany is wearing the solid, continuous pattern version.

Size: 21.5" x 21.5"
Dye Plant: Scabiosa flowers grown by Earth & Seeds
Material: 100% Habotoi Silk
Care Instructions: For lasting color, hand wash in cool water with pH neutral soap. Air dry out of direct sunlight.


For over a decade Lana Mahalah Hall of Reno, Nevada, has been experimenting with a multitude of techniques for imbuing natural fibers with color from her natural environment. Lana is passionate about transforming everyday objects into one of a kind functional works of art through a creative process that exemplifies sustainability, interconnection and collaboration.




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