Our Story

Founded by photojournalist Tiffany Brown Anderson in 2020, Earth & Seeds® was born in pandemic, evolving from a decade of permaculture-focused urban gardening. 

In addition to a deep love of spending (a lot of) time nurturing plants, Tiffany's desire was to cultivate locally grown flowers safe from toxic chemicals, with a lower environmental cost and zero human rights issues associated with imported flowers. Earth & Seeds was sown into a small, woman-owned local business.

Earth & Seeds is unique, part demonstration gardens, part production cutting gardens in a residential setting. The urban farm property was entirely grass, and a steep, dirt-covered back hill was eroding when the Andersons began regeneratively converting the land in Autumn of 2020. Each season since has brought a chapter of nurturing a next area, developing the diverse landscapes that Earth & Seeds continues to mature today.


For Community + the Planet

As an urban micro farm, Earth & Seeds is passionate about the regeneration of soil life, enhancing biodiversity, and improving water absorption and retention. Sharing how these practices can be implemented throughout our high desert community is at the heart of our woman-owned small business, and community partnerships.

In March 2022 we joined together with local non-profit Urban Roots as community partners. Urban Roots is a Reno-based 501c3 organization that strives to change the way communities eat and learn through garden-based education. Through our partnership, we have co-created "Soil Palooza" an annual community educational event teaching regenerative growing practices for high desert gardening and farming. 2024 will be our 3rd annual event together.

In January 2023 Earth & Seeds joined 1% for the Planet®. Becoming a 1% for the Planet member is an investment in ethical business and the future of our planet. Urban Roots has also become a 1% for the Planet Environmental Partner so all our giving is vetted, and transparent.


About Tiffany

After 15+ years as a professional photographer and passionate urban gardener, Tiffany made a pandemic pivot to commercial flower farming and founded Earth & Seeds in 2020. 

Woman-led and owned, and family run, Earth & Seeds is a small business that allows flexibility in motherhood, nurturing an environment where work intertwines with family life, and children experience the seasonal cycles of farming and nature, along side Mom in the Sierra foothills.

Growing in the Sierra and inspired by the seasons, Tiffany incorporates her visual storytelling background to communicate and inspire across Earth & Seeds platforms. Using her unique expertise elevates outreach to share the importance of regenerative farming, seasonal and locally grown flowers, and gardening as powerful mental health support for all ages.

Creating fine art floral crafts and home goods featuring Tiffany's photography has also become a meaningful part of Earth & Seeds products, and impact.

Having spent nearly 10 years as a metro newspaper staff photographer in Corvallis, Oregon and Las Vegas and working as a contract photographer on a handful of book projects, now Tiffany continues to serve national media clients on regional assignments for publications including TIME, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, Sunset, Forbes, the Washington Post and more. She continues to be represented and syndicated by her longtime photo agent, Redux Pictures.

A limited number of photo coaching sessions for florists and flower farmers will resume in 2024.