Founded by photojournalist Tiffany Brown Anderson in 2020, Earth & Seeds™ was born out of pandemic and a decade-long escalation of high intensity urban gardening. In addition to a deep love of spending time nurturing plants, Tiffany's fire inside was to cultivate locally grown flowers safe from toxic chemicals with a lower environmental cost and zero human rights issues associated with imported flowers. Earth & Seeds was sown into a small, woman-owned local business.

Balancing editorial photography work and deadlines had become a stressful juggle after having children beginning in 2012. Earth & Seeds is Tiffany's pandemic-baby, to pivot to a new purpose-filled calling and creating mid-life harmony of heart, family and work. For herself, our community and the earth.

In addition to growing seasonal specialty flowers, Earth & Seeds creates botanically centered small batch seasonal crafts and home items to bring nature indoors through the changing seasons. These everlasting arts are made entirely of Earth & Seeds grown florals. 

As an urban micro farm, Earth & Seeds is passionate about the regeneration of soil life, enhancing biodiversity, and improving water absorption and retention. Sharing how these practices can be implemented throughout our high desert community is at the heart of our woman-owned small business, and community partnerships.

In March 2022 we joined together with local Urban Roots as community partners. Urban Roots is a Reno-based nonprofit that strives to change the way communities eat and learn through garden-based education.

In January 2023 Earth & Seeds joined 1% for the Planet®. Becoming a 1% for the Planet member is an investment in ethical business and the future of our planet. 

Thank you for sharing this journey with us!