Photo Coaching with Tiffany Brown Anderson


Welcome! We are excited to begin offering one-to-one photography coaching. This is an opportunity to get support tailored to your specific interests and questions.

Whether you need help selecting the images for your website or on-going social media as a farmer or a florist, Tiffany looks forward to seeing your pictures and talking through all things photography with you.



Photo Coaching with Tiffany Brown Anderson - 1 hour is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

About Tiffany

Tiffany Brown Anderson is a photojournalist turned flower farmer living in Reno, Nevada. After 15+ years as a professional photographer and passionate urban gardener, Tiffany made a pandemic pivot to commercial flower farming and founded Earth & Seeds in 2020.  Earth & Seeds is a boutique regenerative flower farm focusing on locally grown specialty flowers for their Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe floral professionals, and direct to local community.

Growing in the Sierra and inspired by the seasons, Tiffany uses her visual storytelling expertise to communicate and inspire across Earth & Seeds platforms while educating about the importance of regenerative, seasonal and locally grown flowers, and the power of florals to uplift mental health and create meaningful community connection. Have questions if photo coaching is the right option for you? Email Tiffany directly:

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